How long did your honeymoon phase last?

Jenna • Greyson’s mommy 🌞
Me and my SO have been together for four months and I feel like I already have to beg for attention. He works alot and is constantly tired.. But I honestly get upset that I go down on him 2-3 times a day and rub his feet and back at least once a night and I have to beg him to go down on me or play with my hair or even cuddle with me at night most of the time (which he doesn't do even after begging) . At the beginning of our relationship he gave me excessive amounts of affection and went down on me for hours at a time.. His working more and more and becoming more and more tired and I just feel like he's losing interest in me.. Has anyone else dealt with this? Is it something I'm doing, could he not be attracted to me anymore?..