symptoms symptoms

So I'm 35 weeks and 2 days. I woke up this morning to a pain in my upper right abdomen that caused me to have to get up from my bed and pace around the room for a while. Also I have pretty strong nausea. I've been experiencing bad headaches for about the past two weeks. And I've been having SORRY TMI: bad diarrhea for days now, despite all the <a href="">pregnancy apps</a> I have saying I should be experiencing constapation. I know I should not use Google but when I search these symptoms, preeclampsia comes up. The symptoms for preeclampsia say pain in upper right side of abdomen, nausea, headaches, swelling, and visual disturbances such as flashing lights(which I have experienced only on occasion). The only one of these symptoms I have not experienced is the swelling. But I have been having perfect blood pressure my whole pregnancy. Is anyone else going through this or experiencing any symptoms similar?