Marriage suffering postpartum😣

Im 3 weeks post partum and i feel awful, my hubby brought it up to me the other day that ever since i had the baby i dont love on him like i used to. We used to be very intimate, always touching and cuddling and holding hands and we barely even hug or kiss anymore. He probably kisses me when he goes to work and then thats it. And we have a king size bed and now i keep the wipe warmer in the middle and other things i need for baby in the middle of the night. And we dont cuddle when we sleep, we sleep on total opposite sides of the bed. Its terrible and i feel like our relationship is suffering, and he told me he cant wait to have sex after 6 weeks and i just dont know when we will have time to do that as baby is refluxy and colicky. And ughh i just want my marriage back to the way it was before the baby, help me please!