Tips on Sickness

Nicah • Scarlett Drew, March 18th 2017💕
20 weeks pregnant and I've come down with something. Yesterday when I went to my obgyn appointment I told him I thought I had a sinus infection because of my nose and ears. It turns out I have a skin infection in my nose and he prescribed me antibiotics for it but he didn't listen about how my ears were clogged up. Well I came home and took Tylenol after dropping off my prescription and took a nap. When I woke up EVRRYTHING hurt. I have a stuffy nose+skin infection, the whole right side of my face is swollen because of the infection, I have a headache, sore throat, clogged up ears, my muscles are very sore and I'm running a slight fever. Will all of this go away with the antibiotics or do I need to make another doctors appointment? I'm so drained and I hurt lol.