Rant about my oldest nephew

Veronica • George Alek Jr 4/08/17💙 Layla Jae 8/16/2018💜 Currently pregnant due in November
He got so defensive with my mom and was giving her an attitude. He's like 13 but started cursing left and right and my dumb butt ran after him after him after he told me to shut the fuck up and other stuff and I yelled at him saying you don't say that to someone that's pregnant. My brother almost punched him but we didn't let him,instead we went and got his mom,my sister. I don't care if it's because he's in his teens he shouldn't be talking to anyone like that when we weren't saying anything wrong. I don't even let my husband talk to me like that what makes this kid think I'll let him talk to me like that...ughh I hate that I ran after him,I know I will never do that again, just let someone else handle it next time. Me and baby are okay just feeling a lil pain in my right foot near the toes..anyways so over tonight. Goodnight everyone