Shallow latch frustration

Title says it all! I've been working with my LO for weeks on trying to get a decent latch. I've seen 2 separate LCs, the first time LO had nipple confusion (used a nipple shield for a little bit until she would take the breast without it). Second time she had a shallow latch that even the LC couldn't fix and suggest I see the pediatrician which I've about had my wits end so I may just do that. The issue is I have big aereolas since being pregnant, I'm big breasted as is and even if I do get a good amount of breast tissue in her mouth she will spit it out until she is at the tip of my nipple then fall asleep because she isn't getting enough milk. It's a vicious cycle and I really can't afford to formula feed. My right breast is scabbed over because of the nipple damage from repetitively trying every feeding. Then when I do try to correct the latch I'm pretty much spraying milk everywhere so I know it's not my milk supply... does anyone have any suggestions to fix this on my own? I'll be calling a different LC on Monday regardless, but need suggestions to get through the weekend and maybe get some sleep.