Break down or be strong?


I found out I was pregnant and my husband cheated on me with my best friend and she used to sell her pxxxy and I remember that when she was having sex with a guy the condom broke on her and the guy well a week later I went to go visit my brother and found a message in my inbox saying "I just wanted to let you know your husband fucked me. " now I ask him where they fucked he lied said his sisters then lied n said a alley when I believe it happened in the bed we sleep in.

I've confronted her and she lied about it tried to fight me but attempted to kick me n swing her sweater at me lastvshe threw a rock at my face and it broke my nose twice. Now I feel like I need to get revenge but won't because I'm pregnant. I feel like she is prettier then me and I'm ugly. And I believe she's a minor she's the one smiling and the one with red lip stick and curly hair I am the black and white pictures and standing by the tree is me. Help