Unreasonably Angry

Taylor • Karategirl95
Is anyone else getting unreasonably angry? I am experiencing it! Not often and not towards my husband or family (thank God), but towards strangers! I was NOT like this before pregnancy. My husband is even surprised when he witnesses my outbursts.
      The other night my husband and I went to get an ice cream at the drive thru of Baskin Robbins. It was my turn to order so I asked for a chocolate ice cream cone. Simple as that. 
     The guy asked, "What type of cone do you want? A sugar cone?" (I didn't know there were different types of cones!) 
I replied, "Just a regular waffle cone." 
     The guy, with attitude, said, "Uhhhh........, yeah.... that's called a sugar cone."
My frustration and anger spiked immediately as I replied, "I don't give a damn what you call it, give me the f**king cone with chocolate scoops!"
 Of course, my husband is sitting there silently laughing. In the end, I still got my ice cream the way I wanted it. 👌🏻