What do you do when you're dating a guy that you're not very physically attracted to?

Alright so about 2 months ago I met this guy and we really hit it off, and after a while I realized I actually liked him a lot more than I originally thought. The thing is, I am almost not at all physically attracted to him. I still feel horny for him when I'm not around him and I fantasize a lot about doing stuff but idk, I just get these moments where I realize I don't find him attractive, even though his personality is adorable and just thinking about random ass things he's done leaves me like 😍... I don't know if I'm a bad person for feeling this and if this is a big deal that will affect the relationship later. 
Also when it comes to the art of making out (it's as far as we've gone up to now), what should I do to gently nudge him the right way without straight-on telling him to do things? I was his first kiss so  obviously he's a little timid when it comes to advancing in that area, so how do I subtly let him know what I like? My friends keep telling me I have to teach him but how? I don't want to be ordering him around like "do this" "now do that". 
(Sorry if the writing is a bit haphazard, I'm not a native English speaker)