sure know how to pick em

I just need to say that I am so disappointed in a man I truly trusted and believed in. I understand people fall short and are imperfect. I just think it shows very poor character & is so distasteful when someone goes above and beyond for you and you won't even pick up the phone for them. Under no circumstances do I find that to be acceptable or even forgivable. I have considered all possible situations. I'm someone that you supposedly care about and I was pregnant with your child like how could you be so...disrespectful. Not that a child is entitlement or validation..but that situation was a challenge for me also when abandoned me emotionally. I'm not sure I've ever truly been hurt this way before. So much so I'm not even angry...just extremely disappointed. I no longer want these feelings to keep me up at night or cross my mind first thing in the morning. I want to be free of the things I feel for you. No more pain.