baby in crib from night one?

Have any non-first time moms put their babies in their cribs from night one? I know some studies have shown that having the baby in room reduces SIDS, but we will have a monitor that monitors breathing in addition to audio/visual. 
 My husband had limited leave and I don't see the point of him being exhausted in addition to me (as he can't feed the baby if I am breastfeeding). I have heard babies can be quite noisy sleepers! My husband is also noisy and I can see his snoring, breathing and mumbling waking up the baby.  I don't want to have to transition the baby out of our room later. And I would like to save on the co-sleeper or bassinet expense. 
The nursery will be about 10 feet away so it is not a long walk to get the baby. Finally, we might be getting a night nurse a few nights a week, so she would be able to bring me the baby for feedings.  Just interested in anyone else's experience with crib sleeping from night one. What worked? What didn't? Why?