Gassy Baby

What are some signs a baby is probably gassy? (FTM)

She's been waking up a lot more which I wasn't sure if she's just flopping her sleep schedule around or what but I wasn't sure if she's just extra tired or gassy.

She's been super squirmy, crying a lot (with tears I might add because she doesn't normally have tears coming out when she cries) and it sounds like different then her normal crying from hunger, diaper, tired, etc. Like it's screaming really bad and her face gets really red. (It's only been today she had some times where she seemed happy and playful but then she started again)

It's making me feel bad because I don't know what to do to make her feel better if she isn't feeling good. We tried some of the things to help relieve gas the leg moving thing, different ways of burping her but she's still upset. I was considering trying infant gas drops but I didn't want to give it to her unless I had a pretty good idea that it's gas, she could be crying for some other reason but like I said FTM and I just want to see if someone knows if that could be it or if it seems like something else