injectible iui vs ivf advice

We have been trying for 2 years, and in May I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. We started in June with femara and ovidrel with TI for 3 cycles, and moved onto the femara and ovidrel with <a href="">IUI</a> for two cycles. The day before our last <a href="">IUI</a> our doctor sat down with us and discussed how she thinks it's time to move to <a href="">IVF</a>. 
Wednesday we are doing a hysteroscopy to see if there are polyps which she believes there is after our last <a href="">IUI</a> and the ultrasound showing some grey area. She stated if she found polyps and removed them, we could try <a href="">IUI</a> with injectibles to increase the chances one more time, but with the distortion my endo has given to my pelvic region it's unknown if my clear tubes are even reaching my ovaries. (Since they were attached to the back of my uterus in my laproscopy)
I want to ask you all for advice. I ask my friends and family and they do not understand the importance of this decision. Since we are having this procedure a week before my scheduled period, we know our next treatment will start in january. My insurance covers 50% after the deductible is met of <a href="">IUI</a>, but does not cover <a href="">IVF</a> at all. We restart our deductible Jan 1, and we know that starting injectibles will be much more out of pocket, including the <a href="">IUI</a> out of pocket since we restart our deductible. We just don't know what to do. Do we go to <a href="">IVF</a> immediately saving that 3K that we would spend on the <a href="">IUI</a> with injectibles and go with the 60-80% chance (based on my age of 28)? Or do we try <a href="">IUI</a> for a third time out of pocket and pray it works and we save that extra 15 grand? We're in such a dilemma and we know the end result is worth the means.... but which way do you go? Please help me with advice.... we do not know where to go from Wednesday and have to make decisions fast to make financial decisions! Thank you and baby dust and love to you all <3