I wanna ask you mothers your take on this.

Ok. So. I want to start off with I know we all grieve in different ways. K. I understand. But. 
There was a shooting in my town Monday night. A baby girl of the age of two was shot in the head and died. She was asleep on the couch. Parents had people in the house. Details havnt been released as to exactly what the hell hapoened. But what I do know is, the mother of this child was at the mall today with friends having a Rest In Peace shirt made with the baby's pic on it and smelled like weed. 
Like what I can't grasp is how the first thought was I'm going To make a t shirt with my dead baby's picture on it. Like I get people do that but how can a mother even be able to function. To go to a mall. Your two year old. Was shot in the head. And you are able to go in to a mall. Talk to the person about what you want on the shirt. Etc. am I being mean or does this not sit right with u mommys ? 
I have a 4 year old. If my daughter died I would pretty much need to be put in a hospital and monitored. I wouldn't beable to eat. Drink. Talk to anyone. I mean fuck I like weed but I wouldn't even have the ability to sit there and smoke! My baby's dead! Toking a blunt if someone you used to know but arnt close to. Yah. Totally get that. Making a RIP shirt for someone your friends with. I get that. 
But not 12 hours after your baby was murdered. Your smoking it up and making a shirt. 
I think that is fucked up as shit.