should I make bedtime earlier?

Hi ladies! So our 9 week old is EBF and on her own schedule .. it's pretty common she'll nap in the morning before lunch for 2 hours then a couple cat naps in the afternoon but the last couple of days she's been a terror! It's like the newborn stage all over ..  if she's not eating or sleeping she's happy for a couple minutes then crying to be on the boob! Maybe it's a growth spurt, maybe she's overtired? Normally around 9:30 she starts yawning and zoning out so I take that as a cue to feed her in our dark room and put her down with her pacifier. I'll spend 30 minutes putting it back in after she spits it out haha but she'll go down after until 4:30! ... now, she's not showing tired cues by then, she's fussing and crying out when I take her up and if I feed her and put her down drowsy she pops back awake! ... should I try maybe putting her down at 8 even if she's not giving tired cues? She still sleeps 6-7 hours a night which I'm happy with but just bedtime is becoming awful! Ps I do not bathe her before bed - that works her up and she gets excited haha!