need words of wisdom

Melissa • This is my 3rd pregnancy excited nervous all at the same time . We have a son who’s 8 a daughter who’s 2 and now expecting.
Recently I found out my husband of 5 years was cheating on me since our daughter was born in May, so I've been so stressed and depressed with being a mom to both our 6 yr old and our 7 month old at the same time trying to fix things between me and my husband. I recently needed one stress reliever gone which was breastfeeding and exclusively pumping. It hurt so much so much  and I faught with him about me having to give up something I love because I'm so overwhelmed with everything else going on. Please don't judge me I'm fighting for my marriage because I'm a child of divorced parents and I would not wish that on anyone especially my kids. But I wasn't getting any milk coming in also I was stressed trying to find times of peace where I could relax. Well now I checked my weight and I'm pretty much back at my weight I was when I was pregnant where as when I was breastfeeding I lost 35 lbs I loved it. And even more I feel hurt cause I can't give my daughter the best. Please moms give me any words of wisdom I need it.