Pregnancy Ugh!


Today has just been ugh!!!! I cant figure out whats wrong with me.

I eat a bagal before bed but still this morning woke up vomiting Orange / Yellow foul tasting acid, which means no food in the tummy right?

So i grab a protein and lemon grass yogurt drink and headed to the store, still felt the need to vomit.

All right skip the goofing around, i eat a yogurt cup, one 🍌 and a spoon full of chili before i felt the need to lay down.

Mind you eating is hard because i already feel so full, but the pains and vomit from this morning tells me otherwise.

Ugh im 5 months now and haven't felt this way with food for a while.

Stuffy nose gave me a wild guess of a cold with all of this below zero weather in Chicago.

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