so in love with 2

So I've been with my fiancé for about 3 years now and for the most part things have been good. But last year he struggled with a meth addiction. Together we beat it and things have been good and he's been clean since the beginning of September this year. But throughout his addiction there is a man from my job who was my rock and there for me completely. I started to gain feelings for him. We haven't done anything physical but we've been kinda talking for about a month now off and on with my guilt stopping me from going any farther. Then Saturday night my fiancé told me that when he used he cheated on me with multiple random women and I turned to this other guy for more advice when he told me I should leave him and we should get together. Idk what to do with either of these guys right now and my feelings are a bit vulnerable. Please no judgement. I need help.