Advice !

Please read !

Anonymous because of the age things

I really just need people to help me figure this out, if I'm just going stubborn or not.

So I'm 18 weeks and a few days and I'm 17, my boyfriend is 23. We're currently deciding if we're going to move in with his parents or my dad. The houses are about 20 minutes from each other.

I want to stay at my house because I have a much bigger house then he does. At his house we wouldn't have a baby room. At my house we would have our own room/livingroom/bathroom/baby room. His house have 3 bedrooms and he has a brother.

Also I would be bringing my dog and cat, he has a cat and 2 dogs already and only one of his dogs get along with my dog and his cat TERRORIZES my dog.(we had a test run last night)his fog that would come to my house gets along with my dog and cats.

I also feel like he should come here because he's older then me. He thinks we should go there because of more people in the house but I think we should do it without everyone breathing down our necks..

Please help !