Social Media Free🙌🏼 (minus glow of course)

I realized this past week that my family, friends, and even my SO have let me down so tremendously support wise during my pregnancy that I'm tired of giving them updates on my life.  I'm tired of feeling like I owe everyone the joy of being a part of this special time when they don't deserve it.  I went off Facebook today and am no longer contacting people first.  I spend so much time trying to make others feel special/proud/good about themselves when they're having a rough patch and here I am, alone, no support, spent all day yesterday with my SO mocking every word that came out of my mouth (he thinks it's funny, it makes me wanna kill him because it makes me feel like everything I say annoys him, yes I've told him this, no he doesn't care).  Then he wants to call and be mad I haven't called him since he left for work.  I'm sorry this may sound whiny to some, but being pregnant and in pain constantly is hard enough without having zero (maybe one) people behind you to at least make you feel like you're doing the best you can.😔