fiancé doesn't like my eve account?

So one day my fiancé and I decided to show eachother all our social media accounts. He showed me his Facebook and I showed him my instagram, Snapchat, and <a href="">eve</a>. (I deleted my Facebook) he didn't seem to have a problem with it until one day he was mad at me and brought up my <a href="">eve</a> account "you even have a social media about SEX!" The way he said it made it seem like he had a big problem with it. But the thing is this app isn't just about sex, it's a <a href="">period tracker</a> and honestly <a href="">eve</a> helps me ALOT with keeping track of my body. And all the sex stuff and topics I'm looking at it honestly just so that I can be better in bed for him. Which I might say has also worked lol. I don't have anyone on <a href="">eve</a> that I know in real life, and I certainly don't talk to guys on here lol. And I showed him everything on <a href="">eve</a> so what does he have a problem with I don't understand??