Am I being over sensitive?

Long story short I was asked to be a bridesmaid I have been nothing but a great friend to this girl. I feel used by her and she kindof makes me feel bad about myself. I feel as though she judges me. 
So she asked me to come dress shopping and then I asked my husband if he could take a couple hours off to watch my the two boys so he got it off. Then I confirm when the dress fitting is and she was lkke ooo there isn't going to be enough room but I really want you to come. I know the other girls that are going and I can bet 100000$ that she didn't say that to any of them but me. My feelings were really hurt I just moved here in July and thought t would be great to go out with the girls and get to know everyone. Plus I have 2 boys under 2 a And it would have given me a break. Then she tells me there isn't any room. I am so hurt feeling I try so hard and it hurt my feelings so badly😔

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