My Birth Story 😊


I'm a first time mom and I have no clue how to measure contractions so I was totally doing it wrong on an app I had for measuring contractions lol Well after calling my OB just to be safe she told me I was in labor to head straight to the hospital this was around 4:00pm and I had been having contractions since 3:00pm I was speachless terrified and excited but was frozen while my husband was freaking out about getting me straight there...I was so not ready 😳 took a shower to ease the pressure while my husband got are labor bags in the car with the seat. We headed to the hospital by 4:50pm and when we arrived they wanted to check for any dilation before admitting me it had only been 5:45pm and I was already 6.8cm dilated so I got admitted right away, I had decided to have a natural birth all the way and I gotta tell you for someone who isn't experienced it was not really painful but extremely uncomfortable since all my pain was shifted to my back. I did learn a lot about having a completely natural birth and thank god I got through it, I learned that tho breathing techniques help ease the pain a bit it was not helping me relax since I felt like gaging, instead I learned to manage the pain by shifting it to my butt in order to naturally relax my body (I did not hold on to anything I just let go of my body completely and just allowed the pain to shift naturally without tension or stiffening). When tensed up it caused more time in labor then completing labor, after learning this trick I successfully reached 9 cm in 30min and 10 cm after 5min, this allowed me to rest easier and to quickly pass the contractions as well. I couldn't have done it without the nurse who was attending me she was patient and very instructive on to how to get through the process and what my body needed to progress I'm so thankful of her.

After 7 pushes and the assistance of my husband and the great staff of LB Memorial, Angel Ellie was born Dec 20, 2016 at 1:45AM she weighed 7.5lbs and 21 inches long the second she opened her eyes I stuck my tung at her and she smilled πŸ˜„ definitely my daughter.

I had a 2nd degree tear surprisingly it didn't hurt and I felt pretty good after it was over :) And yes I pooped myself lol

Thats my birth story 😁