There has to be better? 😞

I currently write this as one in the morning alone onthe couch, at my own fathers house. We are visiting for Christmas. I am currently 8 months pregnant. Me an my SO don't even sleep in the same bed, the last two nights he has stayed at his families alone. Tonight he chose to stay at my families home with me, me being naive I figured he might have missed me an wanted to spend time with me. Instead. He gets mad because I am trying to get comfortable in bed, (again, I am 8 months pregnant, sleeping is very uncomfortable for me, so when I do finally find a position to fall asleep it usually isn't a comfy one). Secondly, we have an English Mastif, at home she doesn't not sleep in our bedroom with us as she snores and makes the task of sleeping even harder than is at this stage. I suggested she sleep in the bedroom where she normally sleeps downstairs. Instead. I was told to sleep on the couch. I was just made to feel annoying for trying to get comfortable, an then picked over a dog. So now here I sit alone. This whole pregnancy I have heard the words, "it probably isn't that bad", "because your life is so tough right" "you are feeling sorry for yourself".... I know there isn't such thing as perfect, but there has to be more than this right? Compassion? ... understanding? So sick of crying myself to sleep over some guy who sees me as a pregnant burden. All I wanted was some support throughout this pregnancy... I have never felt more alone in my life. I am not jealous of peoples materials in life. I am simply jealous now adays when I read on here the stories of what some husbands do for their pregnant other.... the compassion an love the memories you've made together. Sorry for the rant... some times this silly app is the only place a person can turn.Β