👶Jessica 🐳 • I'm going to be mother to a belly daugther and wife to a man that has a unique personality and great heart at time.. lol jk he's my monkey..❤❤👶🙊
I dont know if this has happened to anyone. But i work in a fast food restaurant and we have a drive thru. Im the one who controls drive thru. And i take about 2-3 sweater for me to me nice and warm and my belly daughter as well. Well yesterday i think i just look chubby my daughter likes to hide during work hours she does not like no one touching me now she starts kicking really hard well two customers told me. 1. He was leaving after i gave him his food and he wait 2 min before he got my attention again and said hope its a boy, i will come back to meet him. I smiled and said sorry its a girl. He responded shes going to be as beautiful as the mom. 2. A mom of two little ones said they are asking what are you going to have, i was confused i said sorry. Then she said are you pregnant i was oh sorry yeah im having a little girl they all smiled at me and said so cute best Christmas joy you will get. Its so nice that people made my night it was really cute well i think cause lately i have gotten negative comments about my belly daughter on how young i am. 😄👶👶 Hope everyone has a great day and Merry Christmas to all and the baby bumps and babies out there...❤😄