NYE with my mother in the hospital and mad at husband :(

I'm extremely upset and my heart hurts so bad. My mother landed in the hospital yesterday and for a while she's been complaining about her heart . She grew a lump from her shoulder over to her neck and it is believed that it's coming from her hurt thus suffocating her she went in because she was having trouble breathing and they were afraid since the ball only kept swelling more they would have to put her on a breathing machine with tubes down her throat. I freaked out as my mother is a very healthy woman, only 41 years old and has always been into fitness and healthy eating. 
My father was in the hospital 2 years ago dying with life support . So I get extremely nervous and I started crying really bad . I was watching my  husbands friends kid and they would be picking him up soon and I had also agreed prior to the situation to watch him today for a few hours. My husbands friend can definitely have taken today off as his his own boss. But I'm historically crying , nervous and my husband asks if I want him to come with . I shake my head a little saying yes and say if you want . He immediately seemed to back out by asking if I was okay to drive (clearly not asshole) he decided to stay behind and his excuse was because he was going to watch the kid for the 3 hours that I was supposed to -.- so  extremely hurt that his not here with me and I left the house angry because of his sad excuse to stay behind and not be there with me at a time of need. So since I left mad now his not even replying to my texts, my mom was transferred to another hospital a bigger one because she wasn't doing any better but yet he still can't respond . My heart hurts, I don't get it.