Early signs of labor? Opinions.

So, I've only ever had our littles by c-section, in other words, no idea what labor or the on-sets are... I'll be 36w Wednesday. The last couple of days I have been feeling extremely exhausted, like she's SUPER low, EXTREMELY nauseous, my hips and lower back have been killing me. I can't sleep long. Had some cramping this morning but it ended up going away after I ate something, drank lots of water and relaxed in bed. I just overall feel like crap. Ready for this to be over and I keep wondering if this is the first preparations of labor but assuming probably not. My waters have never even broken, never been effaced or dilated at all and this is our third baby... LOL. Yay for my lazy body! But still just wondering. Anything sound familiar? Or is it just wishful thinking? 😂