wanting my mom to accept my relationship! advice please!!

sorry in advance if this is long! So my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year, hes 26 and I'm 19! He's a recovering alcoholic, going on 2 months of sobriety and I'm by his side every step of the way! He dropped out of college due to his alcoholism and has been living with his mom. I'm currently a college student, and honestly this doesn't effect my love for him! He's very hard working and he puts himself down all the time because of the situation he's in and he's determined for it to get better, moving out, getting a job, etc.. (he does work but a better job) anyhow, for this entire year my mom wasn't aware of his true age because at the time we started dating, I was 17 and he was 24.. yesterday we came out and told my mom the truth! About his alcoholism and his age. She wasn't too upset! Very encouring in his sobriety! However, she just talked to me and told me she thinks he's too old for me and she wants something different for me, I'm guessing someone educated, and in school.. my boyfriend is actually very educated he just has a disease and he's trying to hard! I love him and that's not going to change, and my mom understands that she can't force me to not be with him. I just need advice bc I love my mom and I'm hoping maybe she will come to grow more accepting once he gets everything in his life together?! Has anyone had to deal with this and maybe can give me guidiance please!! Thank you! (There's only a 7 year difference between us which I don't think is such a big deal!)