what would you do if you received this text?

Sooo it's 11:45 and all I can think about is doing anything and everything I can to make you cum❤️😍 Come home baby,  so I can get down on you, rub your inner thigh, slowly kiss you from your neck, all the way to your long hard dick, and slowly stroke my tongue up and down, until I get you off with head😍 then we will go for round 2 as you slip into my wet and slippery body, because you made me that way😩 and ill leave scratch marks on your back as you moan into my ear😍 BABBBBY I can't wait to throw you onto our bed, and toss around with you for hours at a time like we used to😍 And then jump into our shower after your Cumm is all over my naked body❤️ 
Also, goodmorning😏 What better way than to start of your day with a little dirty text from your wifey?