pregnancy dreams

To be honest I don't like having pregnancy dreams 😢 just las week I had a dream I was with my gyno I was laying down on the exam bed with my legs open as if he were to do a Pap smear and he told me "You will never be able to get pregnant again" in my dream I screamed and cried 😓 and then just last night I dreamed that I had a baby that I literally just gave birth to my baby but didn't get to experience being pregnant 9 months , in my dream I questioned like how the heck is that possible kind of like an episode of "I didn't know I was pregnant" it felt so weird !!! In my dream I had a baby boy that looked a lot like my fiancé's dad who passed away 😓 it felt so real and I love that I got to dream my baby and smelled him and carried him . But in the other hand I hate it because every time I dream I have a baby I always end up getting my period a few days later !! I'm currently on the TWW just got a lap done for endo and just to clean me up in there . I hope to get my BFP soon 😭 anybody else with crazy pregnancy dreams ? And actually became pregnant ?