My Miracle Baby Sister

Jasmine • Mummy to be to a beautiful baby boy 👶🏼💙
Hi guys, I wanted to share an amazing beautiful story with yous. I've yet to share my own birth story (due May 15 FTM) but here is my baby sisters birth story. I apologise for the long post but please keep reading.
January 19th 2015, I was in college my dad was in work, my mum (29 weeks pregnant) woke up and as if somebody turned on a tap, blood began to gush from her. She had a fibroid in her stomach which was around 11 centimetres and was forcing the baby and placenta out of my mam. She rang my dad and didn't know what to do, he said to lie horizontally to lower the amount of blood coming out. She got up from the toilet and fell on the landing, dragging herself into the bedroom she threw the phone at my 7 year old sister Danielle and said to ring 999. My poor sister rang the ambulance straight away telling them that her mammy was pregnant and bleeding, they said to keep talking to her mammy and try keep her awake. When the ambulance arrived my baby sister opened the door and even when the ambulance man got up to the bedroom he stopped in shock at my mam, at this point she had lost around 6 litres of blood. My grandmother got there and kept Danielle with her as she waved my mam goodbye as they closed the ambulance doors. My mam thought that this was it, she was going to die. 
We live about a 30 minute drive from our maternity hospital, but 5 minute drive from a general hospital. In the eyes of a maternity hospital the babies life is always prioritised, its procedure. The ambulance man refused to follow their procedure saying he was not going to pass a working hospital. They stopped at the general hospital and gave my mother fluids checked the heartbeat and said all was ok. At this point my father and I were at the maternity hospital wondering why they were taking so long and where was my mam. I remember crying thinking I never told her I loved her last night and now I'll never get to tell her again. We honestly thought they were delivering the baby on the side of the road or worse. There was a team at the door waiting for my mam, about 15 of them, they had the elevators on hold for her and you could hear a pin drop in the room. Finally she got here, she looked to us completely out of it and just lifted her hand, a gesture as such.
Me and my dad were brought to the family room and my dad was being prepped for c section when the doctor with us heard a baby cry, she ran, we held eachother and cried, what is going on, why is this happening. And with that baby cry there she was, our beautiful Lexie, they continued to do surgery on my mother, cleaning out her womb from the fibroid.
The doctor came to us and said if it wasn't for the brace actions of my little sister, and the ambulance man risking his job for my mothers life, neither of them would've made it to the maternity hospital.
Our baby Lexie is 2 this month, she is sassy, cheeky, beautiful, smart and full of the innocence of the world. She is our little miracle. At 29 weeks she came out breathing on her own, with little problems but still was kept in icu for 5 weeks. I thought I knew what love was before I met her, but she showed me what true love is, she showed me how scary it is to see this little life and know that you would risk anything for them. And if anyone ever dared to hurt her you would probably kill them. She has made our family complete. And now I get to experience all this and more with my own baba coming soon.. my sister Danielle was nominated for a person of the year award and won for her brace actions, I've attached some pictures below, I hope you enjoyed this story and if you currently have or ever have a premmie baby think of my Lexie and know that there is nothing stronger than a premmie baby and a mothers love, together they can take on the world, I know my little Lexie will❤❤