any other part time job moms out there?

Just writing this post because I need an outlet and possibly other people who understand. I have to admit most of the time my life is the perfect balance of work and being home with my son. I work four days a week five hours a day as a resource special ed teacher. My son spends two days a week with my sister and two days a week with my mom's best friend who has a daycare for teachers kids. Like I said most of the time this is perfect I get time in the professional world and much more time with my son then I would if I was working full-time. However, The sick season has been difficult. My husband and I have been alternating days off between my daycare provider, my niece and nephew, and my son being sick. Lately it feels like being part time is like being a stay at home mom that has to find the time to go to work. I feel as though I am a working mom and a stay at home mom but I don't get the credit for either one because I'm not fully one or the other. Being a special ed teacher does not help, knowing that those kids need me to be there probably more than I already am, but of course my son comes first. Ugh, it is unbelievable guilt constantly, especially having to take off to be home the first day back from winter break. I give major props to stay at home moms and full-time working moms, I don't know how you do it. And I really hate to complain but I guess everyone has days like this. Any other part-timers out there ever feel like this?               But of course any day to snuggle is a good day