so I choked my mom out on accident while giving birth 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

My birth story
I was 3 days over due feeling frustrated and defeated and at 230am on 1/10/17 I started feeling light contractions they weren't consistent to I thought great Braxton hicks so I forced myself to sleep through them and then at about 330 I wake up again because they are stronger but still not consistent so I'm like ok maybe but not sure so at 430 I tell my husband I think I might be in labor but I'm not 100% sure yet he's like ok we'll let me know if you wanna go to the hospital i say no so by 6am I fall back to sleep because the contractions kind of subsided at 740 my alarm went off and so did my contractions I'm like get up we gotta go to the hospital so we get the other 2 kids dressed drop my son to my sister house my daughter to school and get to the hospital by 845am by now I know I'm in labor we get admitted and by the time the dr checks me it's 905am I'm 7cm they say they can try an get me my epidural as soon as possible by 930 I'm like wtf these contractions are stronger an closer by 945 I tell my hubby to go get the nurse because I need to push she comes in gets the dr they check me I'm 9cm with a bulging bag they tell me if I wanna wait they can probably get me the epidural still an then once it kicks in they can break my bag or they can break it right now and I'll go to full blown 10cm an baby will come so I'm like I want him out break my water (I've never had a baby without epidural) omg once his head started passing through I thought I was dying that was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life and apparently with the pain I tried grabbing onto something and I grabbed the nurse on my right in the boob I think and my mom on my left according to my mom and husband I choked my mom I had no idea I think I blacked out from the pain we are all laughing about it now but I still feel horrible I've apologized like 5x so far my mom said it's fine but I still feel bad but I'm so glad my little boy is finally here 7lbs 7oz 19 and 1/4 in long born at 10:01am from the time they broke the water to the time he was born was only 3 minutes but lord that was the longest 3 min of my life lol