Period is 12 days late, 33% chance of pregnancy, no $$, pro-life parents...HELP

My period is 12 days late and <a href="">Eve</a> is telling me I'm at a 33% chance of pregnancy. My periods are typically irregular and I've experienced no symptoms (I'm actually losing a lot of weight, full of energy, my body feels amazing all around) but I am sooo incredibly paranoid. 
On the 11th of December I had sex with a condom and when the guy came the condom fell off. I'm not sure if it fell off inside me, while he was already out, or if it broke at any point, but regardless I definitely felt some contact externally with his seamen and he never directly came inside me. 
In not on any sort of birth control so I took a Plan B pill within 12 hours. I went to the gyno about a week later and she said there was no way I could be pregnant, but if in a week (January 1st) I didn't have my period then I should take a test. Well I blew $20 on a test that never had a test strip show up so it was a dud, and here I am with a 12 day late period. 
I am positively freaking out I cannot have a baby and my parents are hardcore pro-life but even if I could get an abortion behind their back I can't afford it. 
What should I do???? Should I spend the lack of remaining money I have on a pregnancy test?? I'm at such a loss😔😥