Miscarriage, Am I Normal?

Shama-Jade • 22 | Pregnant |
Sorry, this post may be a little lengthy but please bare with me... Okay so, I found out I was pregnant in October 2016, I had a little bleeding but me and the baby were fine. I had a scan at 6 weeks and saw the baby and it's heartbeat - but it was weak and I had to go back two weeks later for a scan. Two weeks later I went for another scan at 8 weeks, the baby's heartbeat was slow but it was still beating. They wanted to scan me in two weeks again. A day before the scan I started to bleed, not heavily - just spotting. After waiting nearly two days for a scan, they scanned me. The baby wasn't visible but a large empty sac was. They told me I was miscarrying my baby. The whole experience was awful, it took a week for me to miscarry and I physically couldn't get off the toilet as I was bleeding so much. I had to actually push the baby out. This was in November - it's now a month and a half later and I feel so empty - I still feel so lost and alone without my little baby, it's literally killing me. Am I normal? Most women I know got back to their day to day lives but me? I'm struggling. Any advice?