Advice Needed...

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Today I got some bad news. I had been having some symptoms that when I Googled gave me an answer I didn't want. I then made a doctors appointment for another problem but figured I'd get my other concern checked out. The doctor confirmed my fear, I have Type 2 Diabetes.
While I know for many this diagnosis isn't a bug deal, but I've literally watched my dad deteriorate since he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He's been battling it for years and began to develop peripheral neuropathy due to it. Due to losing feeling in his hands and feet and having Charcot Foot (bone weakening and softening) he shattered his ankle without knowing it. After multiple surgeries to try and reconstruct his ankle and after a wound on his foot wouldn't heal, they decided to amputate below the knee and he now has a prosthetic leg. Now he has a problem taking care of himself properly and often doesn't think about his diabetes.
I'm afraid of turning out like my father. My doctor was encouraging and supportive and says I can definitely get it under control with diet and exercise. My boyfriend is also very supportive, after I told him, he went around the apartment and threw out all the sweets and started meal planning, he wants to get into shape with me.
But, I'm still nervous and unsure. I understand that my choices affect how this goes and I'm ready to do anything and everything necessary to avoid turning out like my father, but has anyone dealt with this personally?? What sort of advice can you offer?? Anything in particular that you've done that's worked?? 
Thank you in advance for any advice or support!!