Refusing a dilation check?

✡Bracha✡♈ • Mom of David 14months&Esther1 month
Hi im 39 weeks today and i have an apt Wednesday this week. I would like to make it to my due date which is next friday and would really be annoyed if something triggered labor that wasn't my body or my baby. I know im in the minority with this but its just how I feel. My son was 2 days past my due date and with him i was so impatient and wanted it to be over but in the end it was perfect timing. Anyways i know at this appointment they are going to want to check me and ive heard that can cause issues. Last time they checked me at 35 weeks i had cramping and was scared it would put me into labor. Can i avoid being checked? Its 2 days before my due date but i feel its unnecessary who cares how dilated i am 😒 it doesnt really make a difference last time i was 1 cm on my due date and was in active labor the next day.