Donielle • I am 27. Happily married for a little over 3 years now. No children . My mother passed away recently. Dx with adenocarcinoma in 2015. 2017 were pregnant with an abdominal.cerclage placed! Soo excited!
I am PREGNANT! So had my TAC placed November 22, 2016. We were not allowed to have intercourse until Dec 22, 2016. Yesterday before I jumped in the shower I did a crappy little dollar tree test. Got out remembered I forgot to check it and tested positive! Holy Crap! Odd's were against us, but somehow we made this happen! With Cervical cancer, slight endometriosis, never being pregnant before, multiple surgeries, TAC surgery, and docs telling us they want us pregnant by April we are blessed! My Obgyn just called with a positive hcg test I took yesterday, they believe me to be about 4 weeks:) I have faith in my TAC!-what is meant to be will be! Sharing with my husband tonight:)