OMG scariest sex ever!


I posted this in love and sex, but I should have posted it here instead...

So about 30 minutes ago (mind you it is now 5:42 AM) the hubby and I had been up for about 10 minutes doing it. The lights were off, so it's dark. I was laying on my tummy and he was on top of me and I was stimulating my clitoris, so that means we were both really into the sex. All of a sudden something climbed our bed so fast, we both started screaming in fear. We never heard or sensed our 3 year old daughter coming into our room like we always do even in our deepest sleeps. She seriously thought we were playing and wanted to come and play too. At 5 o'clock in the morning!!!! That ended our morning pleasure. My daughter is back in her bed, my hubby is back asleep, and I'm still up either laughing at the situation or feeling like I need to finish what was started.

Has that ever happened to you?