Worst ever?


So whats the worst ever happened to you and/or your SO while having sex?

Lol for me it was when we had just moved into our new place and it was our first night there and most of our things was still in boxes and so we was tired from moving for 2 days straight and it was late so we decided to sleep about halfway through the night i was woken up to my hubby rubbing on me and playing with me and so we started having sex and about 15 to 20 minutes in i felt something on my shoulder it was wet creepy and crawly and i started screaming at first he thought it was because of him so he jumped up and turned the light on and i was screaming get it off of me GET IT OFF idk what it was til he knocked it off and it was a HUGE I MEAN HUGE water bug eeeeee, so he killed it abd cleaned it up and it was hard for me to ever go back to sleep or have sex in that house again we only lived there for 4wks because i couldn't take it. Lol

Aside from that another thing thats happen has been interruption by our kids lol. Sorry if it was long! Tell me yours 😂😂😂