Burping 1 month old

StephanieS • Married to my wonderful husband of 9 years had 1 MC, Welcomed Rainbow baby 12/7/16
Is this normal for a 1 month old? I am a ftm so this is new to me. I burp her every oz. Or a hair bit more than an oz. Now she screams the entire time from the time I take the bottle away to the shoulder all the way to the burp. She only does this at the end of her feeding and I feed her 3 oz bc that's what shes been eating for a while. We tried less but she stills hungry so we jumped it up a bit. She is a speed sucker and I have tilted bottle down to prevent it and she still does it. I have even taken the bottle out and redoing it and she still speed sucks. She thinks its a beer contest. I don't know if I need to consider this spit up or vomit. And the quantity of it is what bugs me. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks