They're back to haunt me

Paige • Married to the LOML and currently pregnant with baby #1 due April ‘22💕 TTC since Nov’18
okay so about roughly a year ago my depression was really bad, i had a really bad break up that made me hate my body and my self. a lot. then i met my boyfriend that i'm with now and everything has been great, around 5 months together i had a miscarriage and i really just wanted to die. i hated life and felt useless. things got better and i started to feel more like my self again. but here resently i've been having some serious suicidal thoughts. and they're really bad. it's all i think about anymore. me and my bf have been through a lot. and we've been together for 11 months but i'm so scared to tell him my thoughts. i'm afraid he's going to think i just want attention or that i'm lying or just something bad. Should i tell him about them? What should i do? It's been really rocky here lately