17 weeks and excessive weight gain!

Just after some other ladies experiences! I have always been one to yo yo with my weight ever since my teen years! I have always had very low self esteem and self confidence. I put on weight very quickly but can also lose it quickly when determined but overall have almost always been fairly slim with a healthy BMI. I am only 5"2 which also contributes to how I carry weight gain! Anyway, I am 17 weeks pregnant and have piled on weight over the last few months, probably estimating 2 stone ish. My BMI is now high for the first time in years and my blood pressure is higher than normal. This is partly down to lack of excercise as I am eating pretty much the same as before! If not better! I feel like absolute rubbish, nothing fits me, my skin looks awful and people have noticed the weight gain as they have commented after they have realised I'm pregnant, example "I thought you were looking more chubby than usual" I want to enjoy my pregnancy and Im so excited about my baby and I know how blessed and lucky I am but I can't help feeling really crappy! Has anyone else had such a large weight gain so fast while pregnant or anyone have any advice for me? Thanks in advance!