Baby shower gift dilemma

I'm starting to plan out my baby shower and what we will need but I'm sort of in a weird spot. We received two HUGE boxes of perfect quality hand-me-down clothes and we have more NB to 6 month outfits/onesies than one baby could possibly go through, even if we change her outfit 5 times a day and do laundry once a week. I'm so grateful for it and I'm pretty excited to not have to worry about that for the first few months. 
I know people like to buy cute little outfits for the shower, but is there a polite way to say we don't need any clothes smaller than 6 months? If people buy them, I will probably return them to exchange for larger sizes or something like wipes - but I'll feel awful because they picked it out especially for her. If I keep them I'll feel wasteful because she probably will never wear them. 
Can we include that on the invite/registry info, or is that rude? How could I phrase it?

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