Cervical Pain! A little TMI story!

Ok so this might be TMI, but is happening at this moment. So I am using the bathroom, #2 (well, trying) and I also vomited. I am scared to push my #2 out because when I do, I feel a weird pressure on my cervical area. Like something is trying to go past my cervix. I will be 26 weeks tomorrow. And I am so worried. i have been so stressed this entire pregnancy so far. I have lost the sex drive and the Braxton Hicks are occurring a little more each day. And this is the second time in the past maybe week and a half, I have had this bathroom episode with the really super soft #2 and vomiting. Should I go to the hospital since now the cervical pressure is weirding me out and doing kegels kind of hurt? This is my 3rd child but I don't remember having anything close to this during my last two pregnancies.