massive mutual crush on my teacher!!!!!

This is kind of a rant 🤔
Last semester i had a new teacher, he's young (29yo) and he is funny and he's so open minded and he really knows what he's doing and what he talks about. I had a job interview and while I was waiting for my interviewer i saw him (i didnt know he worked there) but i couldnt say hi because he walked too fast.
 My next class with him was the next day of my interview and he told me about how he saw me and how excited he was for me working there. Since then, every class he had he would call me on private (during class, to his desk) to tell me how he is constantly talking to the person that interviewed me to call me and give me the job. 
My last class with him was last saturday and he called me once again and told me that he was going to do everything he can to get me that job. 
I think he is so cute fuckkk, that last class i had to make a presentation and we couldnt stop looking at each other and he would smile everytime we made eye contact and idk guys i just want to get thay job so i can keep seeing him 💕💕💕
Helppp! I really want to know what do you think