please help I'm miserable

Caitlyn • First time mommy
My first trimester wasn't as bad as my second 😔 during my first I was just real tired and nauseous but not to bad and I hadn't thrown up so I thought I was going to handle everything else like a champ. Boy was I wrong. I just hit my second trimester last week and I wake up super sick throw up and I'll be fine the rest of the day still super nauseous and hungry. But when it comes to dinner time I get THE WRONG stomach aches on top of that I'm constipated (I don't have stomach aches cause I'm constipated) anything I cook or eat out kills my stomach. I've tried everything. Stopped eating junk food or fast food. Started to eat and cook healthier. tried pooping. Nothing makes me feel better. I can't even sleep it off cause I'll wake up even worse or I can't fall asleep period. Has this happened to anyone and can you give me any advise. I already know 99% of people I talk to are just going to say deal with it. It's pregnancy. But pls help me. I want to enjoy making this human not be miserable