please help

I sarted bleeding on Tuesday after some light crampings. The bleeding lasted for 2 hours and then almost disappeared when I was in emergencies. The gynaecologist told me that the womb was closed, so that was a good sign and they took some blood tests that I have to repeat on Thursday to see the hormones level. 
Yesterday night I was just spotting a little bit and I am the same today. 
I have a scan booked for next Tuesday. 
Anyone had the same or similar problem? 
Please, pray for my little baby to be okay 🙏🏼
Please Lord.
UPDATE: they did another blood test on Thursday and they found out that the level of hormones have increased by 60% in 48 hours. I had over 11000 in my first blood test and over 18000 in my second blood test. This is good, right?
Also, I am not spotting anymore, just my normal fluid with a little bit of brown.