Our Gender Reveal

RobinShanael • Mommy. Wife. Entrepreneur

Beyoncé girl, you keep trying to take my shine (Grammys night). Stay in a third trimesters place!!! I dare you to tell the ppl what you're having??? Lol you was cute tonight tho I liked your little performance!!!  Hahahaha gotta mess with Bey!! Anywho we are having a baby girl. Y'all when I say I've never prayed for nothing so hard in my life. Not even for rent money when times were hard, not even for my career although I'm grateful for how far I've come. The first thing I did was scream and cry at the nurse on the phone, woke Reggie up and he knew that God had blessed us with a baby girl. Although he was sleep, but woke as I talked to my nurse over the phone, he rubbed my back and smiled with joy. I then got off the phone and called my baby @themuaalex although she had a client she answered and I said it's a girl and I started crying (she's cried with me thru my ENTIRE journey, just wait til I film my how I found out I was pregnant video) hysterically and then she started crying real tears and congratulating me and saying how happy she was for me and her client was congratulating me. Literally the best day of my ENTIRE life. I then called my mother in law and told some more of my close friends. I'm in my second trimester and everyday that I carry this little girl I'm grateful to God. Having a baby girl for me is deeper than tutus and bows. It's a bond that I never had with any woman in my life. It's being able to know what it is to be a lady and a woman and to raise a woman to think and speak and love her self 1st. I'm grateful to God that he blessed me with you. Every morning I wake up and my boobs feel like there going to fall off and my stomach is queasy from morning sickness, every headache, every heartbeat I hear at the doctors office I give all praises to God. I appreciate him for recognizing and knowing and trusting my hearts desires. As I'm in my 2nd trimester, I can wait to vlog more and have story time on my channel. I'm coming back I just have to feel 100% I've been sick y'all lol. Again thank you for your love, your well wishes. I love y'all and I appreciate you guys. I can't wait to share more and for you all to be apart of this journey with me. I can't sleep and I'm craving pizza and crab cakes and French fries, so what better time than now. 

I love you Piper and I can't wait to be your mommy