Valentines Day

Ive been dating my bf for almost 5 years now every valentines day we've spent together i made the reason why i just came up with some ideas and made it happen. This year i feel like we've been together for so long and ive always made the effort on this holiday. I never sat back and let him try. I have told him that im not planning anything this year. He hasnt said anything about plans and he has said he didnt get me anything this year. I kinda feel sad now that valentines day is tomorrow and i feel like he didnt make the effort i wanted him to make. I dont want him to spend money, its not about that but i just kind of feel like he doesnt even want to see me. He didnt even ask to hang out or anything. This is the first valentines day that nothing is happening with him, except the time i was sick but atleast he spent the day with me! Any advice on what ishould or could do? Or should i lay low and see if he surprises me? I dont want to get my hopes up but i guess im just a hopeless romantic ❤